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Services FAQ

  • 1.
    Where is Home Cues available?
    Currently, we’re just in Hyderabad. But it’s just the beginning and the expansion plan is in progress. Like us on Facebook to know where we are moving next.
  • 2.
    Who are the Home Cues Pros?
    They are the trusted home service professionals who are already in your neighborhood, carefully hand-picked on the basis of their service quality. They also run a Home Cues app, which allows you to request a service either immediately or at a time more convenient for you.
  • 3.
    How is it different?
    Transparent: With Home Cues, you can review the ratings of the pros you pick before you actually pick them. Once you have decided on a specific pro who best suit your needs, pick the time slot, hit schedule and they will be notified.
    Simple: You can now order a service in three simple steps as explained on the website, track your pro and get a receipt once the Job is done.
  • 4.
    How are home Cues Pros rated?
    We ask our customers to rate their pro after every service, and display the ratings for you to see. They must maintain an average three-star rating to stay recommended on Home Cues.
  • 5.
    Can I place a request without registering on your site?
    Yes, but we highly recommend that you register, to avail the offers and other benefits that a Home Cues member is entitled to.
  • 6.
    What happens after I request the service?
    Once the service providers accepts the job and is on his way, we notify you via SMS about the technician details .
  • 7.
    How do I pay for the service?
    We accept all modes of payment. You can either pay through cash, debit card or a credit card.
  • 8.
    Do I have to be at home when the pro come home?
    We highly recommend that you are present at Home when the pro comes. If that is not possible, we insist that any person appointed by you, be present during the service.
  • 9.
    What does the price displayed on the website against the service Provider include?
    It is the basic charge for the pro to come home and complete the service. The actual price for the service shall be given after the pro visits your house. The basic charge shall be adjusted to the final quote.
  • 10.
    What if the service provider doesn't reach on time?
    We’ll try our best to ensure that never happens, and if for some reason it does, the service provider will inform you in advance. And then you could either reschedule or ask for a refund.
  • 11.
    What happens if service provider breaks anything?
    Please refer to the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.
  • 12.
    What if I have to reschedule or cancel the appointment?
    We do understand if there are last minute changes. You may cancel or reschedule the appointment 3 hours before the scheduled time when the customer support calls you for reconfirmation.
  • 13.
    Does it cost money to join Homecues?
    Home Cues is more than just a review site. Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for you to hire remarkable local service provider or else you yourself can choose service provider. Our customer service team can match you with a highly-rated provider, schedule your job and manage follow up communication – saving you the time consuming work of hiring providers.
  • 14.
    Can I write a review about provider?
    Sure, we’ll take an honest review however we can get it. But, we’re serious about maintaining the honesty and integrity of the List and we do not accept anonymous reviews.

Deals FAQ

  • 1.
    What are these deals about and how would it benefit me ?
    These deals are exclusive for homecues, here we combine the best services and offer at a low price. It’s a big saving's for your family.
  • 2.
    Can I get a refund?
    Please refer to the cancellation policy. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, Feel free to contact us so that we can quickly resolve your issue.
  • 3.
    What are the modes of payment ?
    Currently Cash on delivery is not available, Payment's can be done through online only, you can use Net banking or Debit/Credit cards for your transactions.
  • 4.
    How often do you post new Packages?
    New deals are usually posted at regular intervals, whenever we introduce we straight away forward to your inbox.
  • 5.
    Is there an easy way to know when a new Packages is posted?
    Sign-up with us to get notified for new Packages, subsequently follow us on Facebook to get latest updates.
  • 6.
    I’m concerned about privacy. Who can see my email address and personal details?
    Your details are only available to us, though in some cases we may need to pass on certain information to the merchant whose Package you’re purchasing.
  • 7.
    Can I share deals with my friends?
    Yes, of course we would like you to spread the word about Packages to your friends and family. our service providers offer discounts in many locations throughout the city.
  • 8.
    When will I get confirmation of my purchase?
    You'll receive a confirmation SMS to your mobile once the purchase goes through. For futher assistance feel free to contact our customer support.
  • 9.
    Who do I contact if I have questions about the Package's ?
    Give us a shout at 040-23313335 or send an email to knock@homecues.com and ya off-course in Business Hours please i.e 9AM to 6PM.
  • 10.
    Are any charges incurred for cancelling the deal ?
    Please find below our cancellation policy :
    • 100% refund if cancelled three days or more than the scheduled date
    • 15% will be charged if cancelled two days prior to th scheduled date
    • No Cancellation/Rescheduling before one day of sechduled date
  • 11.
    How do I cancel or reschedule my deal ?
    "Cancellations/Rescheduling will be accepted in writing email to knock@homecues.com or phone call and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline in business Hours (9AM- 8PM)."