Guide to crystal clean windows

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For a long time you have been sitting in dark. The bright sunlight has not entered your room for a really long time. It’s time for that brightness to let back into your home. Not only the clean sparkling windows will let the sunlight get in but also will give a beautiful look to your house. From making your own cleaning solution to the age old newspaper trick, here we will introduce you to many other ways by which you can clean your window panes & transform your room into bright haven. Read more

Sparkle your home the right way

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She sat in her room all confused. Her newly decorated home lay right in front of her eyes, all dirty and untidy. She had no idea what & how to do any of the household chores. It was a task which seemed next to impossible to her.

Are you like her? Have you faced such a situation where you were clueless how to get any of the household chores done without any hassle? If yes, then your worries are now over! Here are few pointers which will help you handle such situations easily : Read more

Car Cleaning & Maintenance Hacks


We all live a really busy life and amidst that hectic schedule, most of the time we end up spending our time in the car. Our car becomes a little home away from home. What happens when our car is unclean & messy? Well, here are some tips to help you out during such situations.

Cloudy Headlights? Toothpaste is your friend

Headlights are one the most important part of a car. With cloudy headlights it’s a major risk to take your car out on the road. It won’t allow you to see clearly what’s in front. The best and quick way to clean them is by using toothpaste. For this you’ll need to get elbow grease. Apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth and thoroughly rub it in all over the lens. Then rinse off completely with clean water and dry. For further protection use a furniture polish or car wax with UV protection.

No more registration sticker stuck

Isn’t it just annoying when some old registration sticker is still on your windscreen? Oh yes, it can be really irritating we know. At times they just won’t come off easily. No more hassles. We will tell you an easy way out of this mess. Some wet newspaper will do the trick. Use warm water and place the newspaper over the sticker for 10 minutes. This lets the warm water penetrate the sticker and it will almost fall off into your hands.

Say goodbye to broken car doors

Are you one of those who keeps on banging the car door while it’s parked in the garage? That might leave a real nice dent, isn’t it? Well, fret no more. We have got this under control. This simple & cheap hack will make your life easier. Use half a pool noodle, cut the tube into half and either glue, nail or bolt the tube at a specific height where your car door meets the wall. And you’re set to go.

Chips & scratches? We have a solution

We all have those kids in our neighbourhood who just love to scratch the exterior of our car. Or did you park your car a little too close to the car next to you and while you were at the supermarket they left a little present for you? We can’t fix poor judgement in a few minutes but we can fix that scratch. All you need is a nail polish & of course it needs to be as close as possible to your car’s colour.

Hand sanitizer not just for your hands

Nowadays we all carry a small hand sanitizer bottle in our bags. Guess what? It’s quite handy. During winters, your car just won’t open is it? It could be that it has seized due to moisture within it freezing overnight. A great way to fix the problem is to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.The heavy alcohol content breaks down ice and then it works like magic. The best part is that you’ll be spending less time out in the cold fiddling with your keys without gloves on.

All these are just some hacks you can use in time of emergency, but Homecues services are always there to help you right at your doorstep at affordable prices.
Make time for better things in life. Use hacks or call us.

Keep calm and attack the pests – Part 2

So, you have guests over at your place and you’re busy flaunting that recently done up house of yours? Now imagine taking them to your oh-so-sacred kitchen and being greeted by a swarm of flies and a lizard setting sights on his prey. Well, if imagining gives you the creeps, this is a must-read for you.

Kitchen cures

Vinegar isn’t just great to cook with, it’s one of the best known pest control ingredients as well. One part of vinegar mixed with an equal part of water will not just keep your kitchen clean, but will also repel bugs. You could mix three-quarters of a cup of vinegar, six to eight drops of dishwashing liquid, and warm water to take care of the fruit flies. Salt is extremely effective in taking care of the ants that leave your nuts and sweets hollowed.

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink

This is one thing many would find difficult to do, but a pile of dirty dishes in the sink could attract pests from all corners. Leaving them in the sink overnight could be deadly. If you can’t immediately do the dishes, at least rinse them under tap water to make sure all the food particles are gone. This way, you save yourself from the task of cleaning the dishes, but also make sure that you’re not inviting the pests.

Clogged pipes? No, no.

If you have clogged pipes in your kitchen, chances are that you’re providing a playground for all the pesties to play and be merry. Check pipes that leak and make sure that you unclog them. Not just will they make your kitchen smell bad, they’ll also help your not-so-friendly visitors extend their happy stay. So, yeah.

Tackling pests can be a lot harder than you think. If your kitchen is infested, don’t shy away from asking for help. Kitchen is where good food is made, but that’s also where diseases are cooked. So, have your kitchen deep cleaned at least twice a year by experts so that you don’t put yourself or your family at risk of contracting the diseases that these pests plan to give you as a return gift for letting them stay.

Keep Calm and Attack the Pests! Part – 1


How many of us make a disgusting face when we are asked to ‘dine’ at some shady food joint? Many of us. We imagine the dirty kitchens dishing out not-very-healthy fare and cringe, don’t we? We always feel home-cooked meals are healthier, because duh, they’re hygienic. They’re made in spic and span kitchens, we assume. Now, what if we told you that your kitchen, your own kitchen isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be.

As soon as you switch off those lights, it’s party time for all the pests that wait for you to leave. Imagine walking into your kitchen to take care of one of those midnight cravings and being greeted by a cockroach feeding on the curry that you forget to put in the fridge. Repulsive and scary! You perhaps try your best to keep your kitchen clean, but there are certain fundamental mistakes that you’re making. Check out these helpful hacks that will keep your kitchen pest-free.

Clean the crumbs

Cooking can be fun, but cleaning up certainly is a pain. Many-a-time, you’re either lazy, or simply dead tired to clean your kitchen top. The next time you leave your countertop dirty, remember, you’re leaving behind a feast for the pests. One thumb rule of keeping the pests at bay is by keeping your countertops, tables and floors free of these leftovers. No food, no pests.

Fill up those cracks

Now, you might be wondering where these pests go when there’s light. Well, you might not have noticed the teeny tiny crack that’s there near the switchboard, but the pests have for sure. They live there, multiply and make plans of attacking your beloved kitchen and tasty food as soon as you’re gone. Don’t let them occupy any part of your house. Seal the cracks and breathe easy. Spot any hole or crack and seal them shut so that these pests don’t live there, that too, rent free!

Fruit flies? No more.

Do you think that the fruit flies appear magically whenever you get home a fresh stock of fruits? No. When fruits begin to decay, these flies detect it and swarm right in. Pro tip: don’t let your fruits or veggies rot. Keep checking them and consume them before they start rotting. Wasting food isn’t good, is it? In case they are not good to consume, promptly throw them into the garbage bin. You don’t really want to walk into a curtain of these humming flies, do you?

to be continued….


How to Make Your Clothes and Closets Smell Fresh for Days

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They say, ‘half the job is done if you are dressed right’. But sometimes, though your clothes may look smart, the odor of your clothes can ruin your entire effort. It may even leave you embarrassed or deprive you from converting a potential lead into a business client. Not only professional but personal life too is affected from bad odor. According to a study from Oxford University, scent plays a vital role in  determining sexual attraction! If this reason to smell nice doesn’t suffice, then god knows what will!

Here, we have compiled some simple tricks to keep your clothes and closets smelling great throughout the day and to help you make most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

  • Bag Some Herbs Up!

Herbs are considered as best natural resource to borrow the scent from. Try doing this. Pick your favorite herb with the desired scent and stuff them in small cotton bags. Place these bags inside your closet for as long as needed and you may even tuck them inside the pockets of your jackets and denims. Consider using Lavender and lemongrass as they have a long lasting scent.

  • Let Coffee Do the Magic.

Make holes in a container and fill it with coffee grounds. Place the container inside your closet where you keep your clothes. Coffee grounds are efficient in absorbing foul odors. Make sure you change the can once a month.

  • The Sandal Wood Treatment

The aroma of Sandalwood is one of its kinds. So earthy and fresh! Try this. Stash a small piece of sandalwood in your closet where you keep your clothes and wait for the magic to unfold. Soon you will notice that the scent of Sandalwood has been absorbed by your clothes and the closet.

  • Try Vinegar

Now this one is a quick hack to get around the day wearing a dirty shirt without being caught or smelling bad. Mix equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle and squirt a small amount of the solution on the area which sweat more than the other parts of your body. The smell of the vinegar will gradually disappear and what remains is an odor free day!

  • Perfumed Cotton Balls

Soak cotton balls with the little bit of your favorite perfume and place them in a closet shelf or in your clothes drawer. Cotton balls hold on to your perfume for longer and gradually the drawer and the clothes begin absorbing the scent. This method will keep you ready for any occasion.


‘Why Humidity is an Expensive Affair’ And Tips to Save Energy during Humid Days


It is the Monsoon time! But unfortunately everything about the monsoons, like Bollywood, is not hunky dory! Who else but humidity is to be blamed for it.

What is Humidity?

Humidity is nothing but an amount of moisture retained by the air around us.

‘But what does it have to do with my home’s energy saving?’

Humidity forces the home energy heating and cooling systems to work longer and harder. By maintaining proper humidity levels, we can keep them from the wear and tear and save our energy bills too.

Hence to put an end to the agony of you electrical units and help you save on your bills, we have compiled a list of useful tips that can help one stay comfortable and stress free, come what may!

Listed below are some crisp tips to maintain the comfort level in humid days.

1. Try maintaining humidity levels between 30% and 45% during summer months using dehumidifiers.

2. Installing weather monitors allows you to track exact temperature along with precise humidity levels both outside and inside your home.

3. During summer months, use fans and coolers often to keep the air moving inside your home. This helps stabilize humidity and keeps your body cool. But in winters, switch tactics to restrict the movement of the air.

4. After taking showers, leaving the fan on for 20 minutes is advised to get rid of any humidity.

5. During wet winter months, maintain the humidity levels between 45% and 55%. You can invest in a dehumidifier which control humidity levels.

6. Lastly, drink loads of water and try not to overwork yourself. Sometimes it’s good to take it easy and try and make time for better things, for the things you’d love to do.

Appliance & Gadget Care in Monsoon Season

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Have you noticed that your gadget or any electronic appliance in the house starts misbehaving in rainy seasons? Well, this is largely due to the moisture retained by the air which causes the weird behavior. The moist air tends to affect the functioning of your gadgets and appliances in these rainy seasons.

To ensure that they function smoothly even in monsoons, here are a few things that you can do.


Ensure Proper Grounding for Appliances and Electrical Goods

Ensure all your heavy power consuming electronic appliances such as refrigerator, AC’s, microwaves etc., are properly grounded with three pin plugs. Proper grounding ensures that the appliance are undamaged by high power static currents caused by the lightning.

Unplug the Appliances During

Heavy Rainfall Heavy rains cause frequent power cuts. Your appliances aren’t designed to withstand such frequent heavy power fluctuations. Unplugging them during this time will help avoid such issues.

Avoid Fungal Growth with Dry cloth

Monsoon air carries a lot of moisture which speeds up the fungal growth inside your gadgets and appliances. Make sure you clean your Appliances which are in compact and damp spaces frequently with a dry cloth.

Don’t Operate the Appliances Bare Foot!

Do not operate any heavy appliances bare feet in monsoons, there may be a chance of you getting an electric shock which can be also be fatal.

Keep Them Running..

Excessive moisture in monsoon season can jam or damage your appliances and gadgets. Make sure you use them once or twice a week to keep them up and running.

Buy Waterproof Cases for Your Gadgets!

Buying a waterproof casing can help prevent any damage to your inseparable devices. This may look like a good reason to style up your gadget! Nowadays, there are many stylish covers and cases available in the market or online. So ensure that alongside umbrellas you buy some cases for yourself, just in case!

Keep Appliances Away From Damp Walls and Corners

Leakages are a common problem that can cause a lot of damage to you assets. Don’t leave appliances near damp walls and wet floors. Get them fixed by experts waiting to cater to your plumbing and waterproofing needs in this Monsoon. There are services available online such as Homecues in Hyderabad.

Get Post Monsoon Servicing of the Goods. 

Monsoon season take a toll on your machines. Heavy-duty appliances need servicing after the Monsoon is over for them to work economically and stay in good condition.

‘Act Soon Before It’s Monsoon!’ – Tips to make your house Monsoon ready


After being belted by the summer heat, it’s round two for your house! But this time, it is the much awaited monsoon season that lingers restlessly boasting a few early rains and rain storms every now and then. The rainy season makes you vulnerable to diseases and turns your house into a breeding ground for insects, bugs etc. It also causes dampness, humidity, leaking walls followed by fungus build-up etc. But this doesn’t mean you wait for the season to get over and do nothing about it. No sir, you’ve got a job to do, i.e. save your house from the wrath of the Monsoon.

Here are some simple tips that can come in handy.

  1. Use dry cloth or special cleaning solutions on your furniture: There must be a reason why companies design special cleaning agents for cleaning your wooden furniture! Water clearly is not your furniture’s friend. So instead of using water, use special cleaning agents to clean wooden surfaces. These products are readily available online. Well, if you want to avoid using the chemicals, try replacing the water with dry cloth
  2. Roll-away them carpets: Due to lack of sun in Monsoons, there is lot of moisture in the air which is retained by the wooden floors too. This moisture can ruin your wooden floors and your carpets. Thus, to avoid losing your classy carpet to water, air them out neatly and roll them away until the season is gone.
  3. Consider replacing your floor cleaning agent: Monsoon are like a festive season for the pests, rodents, bugs and other such creepy crawlies that pose a threat to you and your families health. They also damage your precious furniture and other stuff. This season switch your regular cleaning agent for one’s that keeps bugs and insects away.Also, try and dry mop the floors as much as possible to prevent dampness in your home.
  4. Make sure the drains are prepared for the rains: Remember to unclog the drains every week, because you don’t want to end up with clogged drains and the water from the drains running all over your house. This one can be a major problem. Apart from the foul smell and dampness, it breeds insects and other bugs that can cause serious health complications.
  5. Do away with loose wires, ASAP!: Fix any unattended or loose wires in the house before it starts raining. However, if you stumble upon a faulty wire then instead of ignoring it, get it repaired without wasting a minute. These faulty wires are tragedies waiting to happen. Water leakage can cause short circuits and eventually start sparks and fires.
  6. Fix any leakages and cracks in the corners: Mostly heavy rains are responsible for leakages which are very annoying and the damage after, a very expensive affair. These leaking spots cause the water to seep into your home and cause dampness. There are different adhesives readily available are apt in stopping any sort of water leakages.

But as the old saying goes, ‘precaution is better than cure’, try opting for water proofing services before the Monsoon arrives. This way you can prevent any water damage and enjoy the Monsoon season with family.

Happy Monsoons!

How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill


In summer the electricity bills shoot up drastically which can hit your budget hard. But if you are looking to learn the tricks to control your bill, then you are at the right place. We have compiled some tried & tested tricks that can cut your energy bills into half and help you save your hard earned money.

Ensure you house is ventilated enough

Keeping your interior doors and air vents open allows the air to circulate freely throughout your home.  It also causes the fresh air to cool the air inside. Proper ventilation helps in getting rid of any trapped warm air & heat inside. Another benefit is that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work overtime, saving energy and bills.

Keep the Curtains and Windows Closed

The second best economical method of keeping the heat out is drawing the curtains and keeping the windows blinds close during the hottest hours of the day. Install outdoor awnings, window film or solar screens on the outside of your windows which reflect the solar waves. Now days, some of the windows come with a reflective coating which too are very effective!

Bring Home Some Plants

Prevention is better than cure. Trees and plants help keep the heat out of your home. Make sure there are leafy plants and trees all around your home. Installing plants on the terrace is a good idea as it prevents the topmost ceiling from heating up and keeping your house cool!

Bring down Your Fan Speed

If you are living in the humid part of the country, the summers can be intolerable. Reducing the fan speed of your air conditioning system removes moisture, making you feel way cooler as compared to fan rotating at fast speeds. But if you are located in the in a dry area, it’s advised to keep the fan on full.

Install Permanent Air Filters

Keep a hygiene check of your air conditioning system. Dirty air filters restrict air flow affecting the performance of your AC and hence increasing the electricity consumption which leads to higher bills. Try installing reusable filters. They are expensive, but help you save a lot of money in the long run and also increase the life of your AC.

Seal Any Leaks in your house

Use inexpensive caulk or maybe expanding foam that seal tight any cracks or damages from which the cool air may escape. You may even fix an appointment for an energy home inspection as it can really help you cut down on your electricity bills!

Switch to Using Fans

Fans are not as expensive as your AC and really chop down your electricity bill. But remember that fans do not cool the air so turn them off when not needed.

Use Microwave for Cooking

Cooking in a microwave oven helps keeping the temperature in check during summers. The traditional gas can heat up the kitchen and house rapidly. It also helps in saving the electricity usage.

Upgrade to a Smart Air-conditioning System

Consider replacing your old air conditioner with a new energy-efficient unit which cut your energy costs in half. They are a bit more expensive, but they are definitely a better choice in the long run. You may find Ac repair or installation services online without needing to go looking for one in this ruthless heat!